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Problems with my new .22

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The gun is a brand new .22 Savage MKII Bolt Rifle with the heavy barrel. The load was Eley Sport .22 RF LR 40 Gr. standard velocity. The gun was thoroughly cleaned and lightly oiled the evening prior to its debut at the range today. Same for the bolt (except the surface where the bolt meets the back of the cartridge was not oiled). Action felt new and tight, but smooth prior to its first shoot.

The problem was many failures to eject...at least 12 and maybe more in the 100 I shot. The back of the cartridge case would ride back on the bolt and stay there hung up on the ejector claw. I'd have to dig the case out from the end of the bolt with the tip of my little finger before I could close the bolt and chamber another round from the magazine. It helped to eject without a problem if I aggressively pulled back on the bolt with a "snap" rather than a relaxed motion...but it still happened a few more times.

Being new to .22 rifles I'm not sure what to make of this. Fussy or bad ammo...break in period...something defective? I'm not even sure if this is something that warrants returning to Savage or maybe there's a fix I could try? What do you all think? :confused:
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I'd join over here and ask in the right subforum, these guys live and breath rimfires. Someone should be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

I've had questions on some of the 22 rifles and 17hmr I own that were all answered with good advice on what may cause your problem and how to fix it.


Found a thread over on rimfirecentral on a poll regarding satisfaction on that rifle.

What better describe your experience as Savage MKII owner?

Defects from the factory 24

My MKII had feeding problems 49

My MKII had extraction problems 31

My MKII had ignition problems 7

My MKII had accuracy problems 17

My MKII perfectly matched my expectations 249

Looks like of the 377 respondents that just under 10% had extraction issues. In reading the thread, most of the extraction problems seemed to stem from an improper fitting mag.

Some fixed that themselves by tweaking the ears on the mag for a tighter fit and most sent the rifle back to Savage. Savage customer service appears to be top notch and turn around time is pretty quick from the posts I read.

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Orange Boy,

Good luck and keep us informed on your future sessions with this one if you would. :thumsup

If you posted those pics over on rimfire at their request, someone is sure to be able to give you a better opinion than myself. I'm not familiar with that rifle, but you are in good hands over there with those folks who are intimately familiar with that gun.

Very good pictures, btw. :thumsup

Glad you were able to resolve the issue Orange Boy.

I use that rimfire forum quite often to run things by guys who have a lot more experience with specific rimfires than I do. Wealth of knowledge over there on any rimfire and they have always come through with great information.

Shoot straight, keep your powder dry and watch your back.

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