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Probably a bad move?

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I recently posted in the "why I started carrying" thread my story where I'd like to think I did everything right OTHER than the fact that I wasn't carrying.

However, a good friend of mine just reminded me last night of another scenario where things didn't go quite as well.

Many, many years ago..around 20, that same buddy and I had just picked up his g/f from a major mall near downtown Orlando after she got off work. It was late. Mall was empty as were the parking lots. I was driving, and as I was waiting at the end of the driveway to turn left onto the highway, about 4 or 5 older teenagers approached my window. I smoked back then, and so I always kept my window cracked a few inches. As they approached, they asked a question. We don't remember what it was, but, before I could even respond, one of them lurched forward and pointed, what was probably a .38 snub nosed into that cracked window.

I immediately dropped the clutch and stood on the gas. Had another car been coming, we'd have all been killed I'm sure. But, it was a reflex reaction.

We stopped at a c-store, called the cops and made a report. Naturally, they found nothing and we were horrible witnesses. None of us could give a very good description.:smack

Here's the thing, even 20 years later, my buddy and I can't really decide if that was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done. Had that gun gone off poking through my window who knows who it would have hit. It was pointed at the dashboard due to the odd way he had to jack the gun through the window. I'll be honest, I'd love to say I was "clear" enough at that moment to realize that fact and made the tactical decision to retreat knowing the gun wasn't pointed at any of us.....but, I wasn't. It was a dumb panic move to "run" at best.

So, was that a dumb move to "bolt" or not? And, even in clearer minds, and I know there are always a lot of variables, but, what would have been the appropriate response, generally speaking?

I have always taken my responsibility for others lives seriously. Even as a youngster with buddies in my vehicle. This is a scenario that used to haunt me a lot. I'll have to whop my buddy good later for reminding me of this one.:smack:smack I had managed to put it behind me for a while. :thumbsdwn
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IMHO, a very good move.
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