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Possible home invasion atempt...

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Last evening about 6PM I got a call from someone who could hardly speak English who wanted to see my house (for sale by owner). We set it up for 6PM the next evening. He calls back about 6:15 and says he will be there in 20 minutes and I say OK. My wife says she don't like it and tells me I should arm myself. Something just seemed creepy so I do and we wait until 6:45 and I call him. I ask where is he and he stutters and stammers and says he is here. I'm at my front door and tell him he isn't here he stalls with jib jab talk in Spanish and after about a minute of not letting me get a word in I say are you alone. More stalling and he says yeah but I here other voices so I ask him if he is bulletproof. He stalls again and says what you mean. I told him if he isn't alone don't come and if he ain't bulletproof don't come or he would leave full of holes if I see gang bangers. (I got that line from someone else on this forum) He tells me he'll call back and hangs up. Immidietly called 911, told the dispatcher what happened and that I was legally armed but did not want to shoot anyone so please get the Sherrif here ASAP. Two units show up about 25 minutes later. I held my hands in the air with CCW in hand, said I was the homeowner and legally armed. I offered to surrender my weapon. Female officer asked where it was and removed it from the IWB holster. She asked would I mind if she cleared it for their safety. I said sure, full mag + 1 in the pipe. She took the report while the other LEO ran my CCW and gun serial number. They were very professional and all went very smooth. They returned my gun and ammo and said reload whenever I want. The guy never showed, I left more lights than usual on and the pistol on not in the night table. I don't think I overeacted and it seems the cell phone is stolen. Any updates I'll keep y'all posted.
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Since when is running the serial number on your SD weapon SOP?
I would say it is not but they do check numbers to see if it was stolen or had been recorded as being used in a previous crime. As far as I can tell they were just doing there job, covering all the bases so to speak..
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