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Perfect for zombie's!

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Perfect for zombies!

Everybody knows .223 is perfect for defending against zombie attacks! Trying to decide on a good heavy defense round. Suggestions?

Rock River Arms w/ 7.5" barrel (1:7.5 twist)

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I used the Hornady TAPs for my SHTF round in my CAR15/HBAR. They have multiple choices on bullet gr. also. have not checked on availability lately.
Yup...that 'heavy' .223 round will be just perfect if we're invaded by poodles. :D
OH HECK! I forgot all about those damn zombie poodles, I heard they walk around chanting, ANKLES! ANKLES!:eek:
If not mistaken, the orig. TAP/LE came in red box and the TAP FPD is in black box.
If you get red box make sure you look at label as there are a vast difference between round options, see link.

Let us know what kinda luck you have and PRICE:popcorn
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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