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Florida Firearms Training.

Why Pepper Spray?

1. Not every threat demands or justifies a Lethal Force response.
2. In Florida, as well as many other states, Pepper Spray can be legally carried into many places where firearms and other weapons are NOT permitted.
3. No license is required, making it a personal protection option for those not legally permitted to carry or own a firearm due to age or other restrictions.
4. Chemical Spray can by VERY effective if deployed correctly against people and animals.

Even if you DO carry a handgun, having some Pepper Spray with you is a great way to round your personal defense plan.

Course Brief: The class will be a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises. The course goal is to teach you about chemical spray, correct use and limitations so you may be as successful as possible should you ever need to use the weapon.

This is the Perfect Family Self-Defense Class - a legal, less-than-lethal, personal defensive system For Everyone With or Without a Concealed Weapon License.

Course Level: Introductory
Cost: $65 Includes 1 Sabre Inert Training Unit ($12 retail value)
Length: Two Hours

Book Here: Florida Firearms Training - Reservation Form

Skills that will be worked on and Topics Discussed in this Class:
  • Recognizing threats and determining how and when to use force
  • What is Pepper Spray and which option is best for ME?
  • How to deploy and USE pepper spray for best effect
  • Disengagement
  • Proper defensive positions
  • Methods of movement
  • Multiple opponent defense
  • Defense against moving attacks
  • How to decontaminate yourself should YOU get sprayed
Skills and requirements needed coming into this class:
  • None
- Notepad and pen
Maximum Number of Students: 20
Minimum Age: 14. Minors must be accompanied by a paying parent or legal guardian.
2020 Course Dates / Locations:
This class is currently scheduled only at Gun World of South Florida in Deerfield Beach
Monday, June 29, 6:30-8:30pm
Booking and Cancellation Policy: Full payment will be due to the range at the start of class, cash or credit. A credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. This card will not be charged unless you no show or cancel with less than 7 days notice. Cancellations received within 7 days of the class and no shows will incur a $35 late cancellation / no show fee. All minors must be accompanied by a paying parent or legal guardian.
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