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I shouldn't even ask this question because the guy that told me I was carring overkill is my "brother-in - law" and guess what he was in the Coast Guard but got thrown out due to health issues.

But since he's one that "knows everything about everthing"

I made the mistake of letting him see me get dressed, and I usually carry my glock on my left handed holster, being that I'm left handed.....but this is where it gets me pissed,,,,,,,because he sees me putting my right holster with my 357 magnum. And immediatly i'm told that most shootings happen within 2 seconds so the guns would probably do me no good anyway,

I tried to explain calmly that not all muggings or robberies aren't carried out by ONE person. So if my glock runs out I have 6 more rounds then i'm screwed but hopefully they will all be dead.

I normally only carry my glock, but when I go out with this crazy crowd "inlaws" I would carry a bazooka if I could.

What do you think?:ak:ak:ak
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Hey Glock4488, your doing the right thing for you. Your brother-in-law must be a member of sheep lovers club of America.:rolf
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