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Out of state permit?

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I read somewhere that you have to have been living a certain amount of days in Florida before you apply for a permit, I think it was 90 days but still.

Now, thanks to some nice delays, it might take an additional 30 days or so before we get to get over to Miami. God know where we shall live in that time, but now to my question.

Can I as a legal alien in the US apply for a out of state permit? Does it make a difference how long I have been in California? I would like to get my permit before Obama turns the US into the UK..

Anyway, enjoy the 65 and sunny, here it is 55 and very wet.

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There is no 'resident' or 'non-resident' license. They are the same. A FL CWFL issued to someone in New York looks just like the one I have in my wallet next to my CCW badge (just kidding about the badge).

The only difference is that if you have a non-FL address on your license, your renewal fee is higher.
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