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* Updated with pic' of holster on order - Not My Gun !

I just do not have the time to dedicate to making a holster at the present time . It has been quite a long time for me to purchase a leather holster, no less a custom one ! . So I got ahold of Paul , as Mr. Rick spoke so highly of him and his work .This is for my recent 1911 .45 Competition gun.

He recently sent me a whole catalog of pictures to choose from , Wow ! I have more or less finally settled on a OWB Pancake holster with a slightly less forward cant w/reinforcing patch . This is in a nice Burgundy leather and will have 1 3/4" belt holes.

My choice has no fancy reptile coverings , but still custom made to my spec's . I couldn't ask for more than that . At present he is backed up for about [ 8 + weeks or so ] . It might just make my Jan' [ 77th ] birthday lol .. I better had make it that far myself 🙏 ;)
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