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Ok, yesterday was an educational moment for me learning how the AR platform is going to perform for me.

I was originally going to run with a red dot. However, old eyes, combined with a probable need for new glasses, revealed anything 50yds or more is straining to get a solid focused line on the target. I need magnification.

A friend suggested LPVO. He’s got a 1-6x he really likes.

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Lots of options. But, I'm liking the Primary Arms 5X Prism optic on my SCAR-16.
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I have an earlier version of that same optic I bought from Anduril and I really like it, too. In fact, I'm pretty sure if heard their reticle design was licensed to ACOG for their M4 optic. It's an excellent optic for the 5.56 cartridge! 🤠
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