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NRA sticker on car?

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I am not normally a sticker person, but recently became a life member of the NRA and recieved a cool sticker I put on the back window of my truck.

I have heard a lot of cons on this topic and wanted to get a feel of what the membership here thinks
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i cant see it being a bad thing, i imagine most law enforcement are members as well
I have one of these on my truck

I used to be concerned about who knows what about me, but since the Marxist took office, I WANT people to know that I am an NRA Life Member.

If they are anti-Second Amendment, I am going to ram it down their thoats and make them CHOKE on it.
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I have an NRA Life Member sticker, an IDPA sticker, a Unified Sportsmen of Florida sticker and a Brevard County FOP sticker on my back window.

I'm a gun owner. I'm proud to be a gun owner.
I've never been stopped by anyone who didn't like it!!
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I'm proud of my NRA membership too. Just upgraded to endowment status. However, I don't put the stickers on my truck. I don't want people breaking into it trying to find guns. They just might find some.
I'm proud of my NRA membership too. Just upgraded to endowment status. However, I don't put the stickers on my truck. I don't want people breaking into it trying to find guns. They just might find some.
That was my concern as well, and a story I read about a road rage incident with an irrational person calling in a call that a guy with an NRA sticker is waving guns.

I put it on, like it there for now, but may change my mind later. Appreciate the good feedback.

I'm certainly not hiding for my love of freedom, Harleys, and my 2nd Ammendment rights and those who defend it.
Make that 3 for having the concern about getting the vehicle broken into. I have to agree with Steve, half the time they'd probably find one.
I have one on my Xterra.

Very rarely is there a gun in my vehicle. In the week I have been legal the gun has been in left in the vehicle only twice. Once at church last Sunday as I don't have a tuckable holster otherwise I would have had the gun on me. The other time was today at the gun store.
Even if you don't leave anything in the vehicle, having it broken into by a dirtbag with hopes isn't good.
Even if you don't leave anything in the vehicle, having it broken into by a dirtbag with hopes isn't good.
I hadn't thought of that.

But that is why I have insurance. And as someone else pointed out - I want everyone to know I support the NRA.
Reasonable viewpoint. I'm torn.
The kids and I were sitting at the local private school parking lot the other week waiting on a friend. As we were sitting there we noticed a truck parked in front of us and started talking about the NRA sticker on the windshield. I told them the owner very likely owned guns if they had a sticker like that.

Guess who walked out of the school and got into the truck? The husband of a very good friend of mine. Our daughters danced together. Well, of course I had to call my friend and talk about the sticker but really used it as an excuse to tell her about my new interest in firearms as well. She said they owned guns but she doesn't even know what kind.

Fast forward several weeks to last night. I get an email from her saying she had just spent time at the range with an instructor and loved it and can't wait to go back.

I took that opportunity to forward mine and SwampRat's photos of our little session with Brownie. I got an email tonight saying the pictures were fantastic but that now she was scared to go to the range with me! haha! :rolf

Once I talk her off the ledge I'll see about going to the range with her.

I said all that to say that we would have never known about each other having guns so now I have a friend in town who knows about my other life. I still don't want to put any stickers on my car though because I don't have the experience to back any of it up. Mostly, I don't want anyone trashing my car because they disagree with me. I have a boring color car so I don't stand out in the parking lot and I don't want any extra attention to be a victim of crime. Maybe it's a girl thing.
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See, putting an NRA sticker on your car can help you make new friends.

I'm not worried about vandalism as that is why I have insurance. I've paid those parasites for so many years it would be great to finally get something back from them. :D

You've asked a great question here! I would suggest that you don't display ANY sticker on your vehicle. Why give anyone insight to who, what, where, etc. The less you communicate the less information you provide to the bad guys and anti-NRA freaks who could vandalize or steal from your unprotected vehicle. Yes, some have insurance and that could cover it, but again, why expose yourself to any headaches.

Stealthmode brother stealthmode....I'm sure you weren't thinking of advertising and campaigning when you made your vehicle purchase.
I'm just the opposite of most of you guys. I belong to the NRA, GOA, American Legion, US Parachute Assoc. (I sky-dive), Fla Sheriff's Assoc., and have stickers from all of them on my truck. In addition, I have a lot of political bumber stickers ("Honk if I pay your mortgage," "Secure our borders," "Fight crime...shoot back!", etc.). I've got stickers for Blackhawk, Crimson Trace, too. I'm a rolling billboard for my views, and proud of it.

I do NOT keep any guns in my truck (and I won't discuss where I keep them) when I'm not in it. Nothing of value, really. I even remove my GPS when I'm not driving. No one has touched my truck, keyed it, broken any glass, broken into it. It's an older vehicle, a '92 Ranger XLT Supercab, but it's got some up-to-date security installed, so if anyone so much as breathes too hard on it, I know. I bought it new, and I'll probably drive it till it falls apart (and it's nowhere close to that right now - probably got another 100K left on it).

I know you guys worry about "advertising," but I CAN tell you that all of those stickers have started a lot of conversations, and madea lot of friends. I'll bet I've actually sold a lot of stuff from the NRA (memberships, caps, etc.) and the Patriot Shop because of them. Even sold a couple of CT grips.

I'm about as far from paranoid as you can be.
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