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Not to make anyone mad!

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Greetings again fellow Florida Concealed Weapons holders,

I havent been around the boards much as of late due to work ups for deployments and going on detachments, I do want to point one thing out and I hope I dont get anyone mad at me, especially since this is the Florida Concealed Carry Forum, but I just want to remind everyone ... guns are great! I love owning them, but just make sure that you have other options to fall back on.

There are several ways you can go, but just make sure if you had to defend yourself, you wouldnt feel completely helpless because you dont have a firearm. It probably sounds crazy but just something I wanted to say.


Kludo, hope everyone is doing well.
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So where's the part we're supposed to get mad at? :)
I didn't mean it that way. There really isn't anything in what you said to get mad about. Guns are great, but when the chips are down you use whatever you must. Brownie has written quite a bit about the use of blades in a number of threads.
I keep mine in the nightstand drawer below the nightstand drawer where "Mr. Colt" and "Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson" sleep at night. :D
Surely Mr. Colt, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Wesson never sleep. That's why I keep them around.
They told me they sleep with one eye open .... :D
Reminds me of your picture of the auto engraved "Wait for the Flash" around the muzzle. Glock, wasn't it?
1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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