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Not quite as dramatic, but still...

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Hi all,

First, congrats to bfc, magna, omartinez and hipower70 on getting their permits. Enjoy your new legal standing and freedom. My news is not quite so wonderful, but still welcome.

Just wanted to let you all know that my check cleared yesterday (2/17). My USPS tracking of the application I sent by certified mail says my packet arrived on 1/15. I did not send it with a return receipt. I'm happy i got this news because I was concerned that my packet had gotten lost. At least I know now that a human being somewhere in Tallahassee has opened my envelope.

Now I will continue to sit and wait.

FYI, allowing for MLK day in January and President's day this month, it took 22 business days for my check to be cashed and cleared. By my estimation, if I allow 90 business days for my permit, I'll get it some time in mid to late May.

Me waiting ------> :popcorn

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You are making progress. I am at 47 days, but today DOACS announced they were hiring more CCW processors!
Hi dcook, congrats on the first step to getting you license. All I wanted was my check to clear for the same reasons as you. Now its been 68 days since I submitted my application and I am hoping I don't get the dreaded letter from DOA saying that my prints need to be redone. Its the 90 day program, taking 1 day at a time.
....but today DOACS announced they were hiring more CCW processors!

I'm at 45 days from the time they signed for it. Maybe they can speed things up some.

Congrats on passing the first milestone.
BTW, I called DOA less than two weeks before my license arrived. The lady I spoke to sounded a little frantic and told me how it could be several months before they got to my application. It promptly showed up within two weeks. I think they are holding to 90 day commitment for the most part, unless your app has problems. Be patient, keep the faith, and don't believe the lady that answers the phone at DOA.
FYI a friend of mine at work received his permit in the mail yesterday. He said his total day count was 102 days. He said that he spoke with a local sheriff's deputy at a gun show in Palm Beach this past weekend who said my friend had gotten his permit rather quickly since the time frame is now 4 months instead of 3. Obviously they were talking in round numbers and they did not make mention of the 90 law. But the notion seems to be that closer to 120 days is now a realistic time frame.

Bummer. :thumbsdwn

102 days makes sense. if mailed on a friday and got to DOA in 7 days. or on a holiday week (thanksgiving, Christmas and new years)
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