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Noob question

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Just found this forum and want to know how long people are waiting for their ccw. I postmarked mine on Jan. 2nd and have not yet recieved my permit. I know they are swamped, but six months is an awfully long time! Thanks for any insight.
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you can go on the dept of agriculture website and look for the number or find it in here somewhere, it ends in 5691. you need to call and find out what is taking so long.
Been there, done that. I am supposedly "on the top of the pile and should be reviewed within 2 to 3 weeks". That could mean 2 to 3 months the way things are going.

Thanks for the thread. It looks like I'm in the ballpark to have mine soon.
Keep calling and ask to speak to a supervisor. No matter what the person tells you the way to get it done is to talk to a supervisor.
Sent mine in Jan 6, and just got my CCW 1 week ago.:D Good Luck!
Ask for a supervisor, it shortens the processing time.

Ask for a supervisor.

I got mine in 63 days door to door.

Sent mine in Jan 6, and just got my CCW 1 week ago.:D Good Luck!
Received 5/28? Trying to get your exact timeline in the timelines thread. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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