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Non-lethal Weapons

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Would anyone else like to see a discussion forum/thread/whatever you call it on here? Although I never leave the house without AT LEAST one firearm, I would be interested in learning about non-lethal weapons. I have always been interested in tasers/stun guns but know nothing about them. I know there are all different types of pepper spray, some effective some not. I would like a place where these things can be discussed. Does anyone else agree?

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I prefer the baton, but it takes training and restraint to use it solely in a non-lethal manor. If you swing away haphazardly or target specific areas of the body, it could easily become a lethal weapon. That can be both good and bad. If you produce a baton against an unarmed man, you upped the ante. If you produce a baton against a knife, it will do but there are better tools to use against deadly force.

Its best use as a non-lethal weapon is using its range and your footwork to keep distance and target the limbs that come into your striking zone. If things got close you could also use the baton as a leverage device for locks or holds.
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