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New to Santa Rosa County!

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Hey fellow 2nd Amendment advocates! I'm new to the Panhandle, having moved here from the hills of East Tennessee. Went through the CCW class there a few years ago, but guess I will have to go through the process here, as soon as I get my drivers license changed over. Any recommendations on where to take the class near Navarre?
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Thanks everybody for the warm welcome, and to Hodawg for the information on where to look. There is so much information on here, I've not even scratched the surface yet! :thumsup

MeanDoggy, glad to have another newbie so close. Maybe we'll hook up for a gun show one day or something.

I haven't changed over my DL and tags yet because I have 3 vehicles, a boat & boat trailer, so know it's gonna add up, and what with moving expenses and all the new stuff for the house here (new refrigerator and the like) I'm a little tapped out right now. Oh & did I mention that the TN house hasn't sold yet so it's double mortgage payments until that sucker sells! Anyway, once all that is settled I'll get my CCW in order but I'm feeling a little naked walking around right now, you know? :cry At least I'm well protected here at home, and feel a little better with all the nations finest around in uniform. (God Bless Our Troops!)

I do have this family of bears stalking our neighborhood though, so have to maintain alertness at all times! The big daddy is 350 - 400 lbs, seriously, plus the momma & her 2 cubs. Man, I move from the Smokey Mountains & there are bears literally in my front yard here. WTF? Ha! I thought I'd only have to worry about the alligators here!

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