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New member in Tampa

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Howdy fellas (and forgive me if there are women in the room),

Just got my concealed weapons permit in the mail last week, best decision I've made so far.

Little bit about me, I've been an active member in the military for six years now so I'm familiar with a weapon.

Never dawned on me to apply for a concealed permit until one day about a year ago...

I went to bed extremely late (right around 2 am) and had to wake up early early (5 am) to go pick a family member up from the airport. Now I'm prone to home security, I have ADT and I padlock the rails of my garage door everynight; this night it saved my investments.

*I'm gonna stray here and delve a little into what they were after...I love my toys, I work hard for them. I've been to both war zones to be able to afford them. I ride a sportbike (what some might refer to as a crotch rocket) and I have my prize show car in my garage

So back to the story, I went to bed late to wake up early only to find my garage door a little bit open and the padlock wedged securely under the left side wheel. Turns out that someone had attempted to break into my garage, only to be foiled by my paranoia. They had used a screwdriver to silently and carefully break my truck passenger side window and grab my automatic garage door opener. I found the opener on the ground near my mailbox.

I immediately called the police and had it reported even though nothing was missing. But it changed my thoughts forever.

I've always had an XD9 for home protection since my first deployment to Iraq, but only thought of it as a household protection means. After that experience, I began to wonder if it should be limited to just the house.

I applied for my license before going to Afghanistan and now posses a CWP. By far one of the best decisions of my life. I'm still fairly new to concealing, as in the military we openly carry, so I'll rely on folks here to show me the ins and outs of concealing and proper use of this permit.

Other than that, I appreciate the forum and look forward to interesting conversations!

As of writing this, I have since upgraded to the XD45 ACP...

Cheers gents :drinks

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first thank you for your service and welcome.
Thank you for your service.

Welcome to the forum.
Thank you for your service and welcome Clinton.
Welcome and thanks for your service
Howdy fellas (and forgive me if there are women in the room),

Cheers gents

Welcome, Clinton.

Yes, there are women here but not many. I seem to be the most vocal so I'll speak up and say that realistically speaking the world of guns seem to belong to the men. The same goes for this site. We have a few registered women but they don't post much. On occasion they will post but mostly I seem to represent the lion's share. That being established I'm not going to have a cow if you refer to everyone as 'fellas' or 'gents'. I'm not a woman's liber. I am a lady and ladies aren't going to draw attention to themselves and make everyone include 'and gals' or 'and ladies' in their posts just so she can feel comfy. The men here know I'm here. It's just easier for everyone to say 'guys', 'fellows', 'gents', etc. I promise I will not feel left out. I've been here so long I'm just one of the guys.

Having said all of that, thank you for your military service. I have a soft spot for our military and actively support them. Thank you.

And finally, welcome to our site. You will find a wealth of information here. Please make yourself at home. Since you are new to concealed carry in particular please feel free to ask your questions to bring yourself up to speed. Obviously, you are not new to guns or training but you've opened up a new avenue in your life as far as personal carry and home protection. That is where this forum can come along beside you.

Glad you found us.

Looks like you got your license for the reasons many of us newbies did.
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Thanks to all for the warm welcome!

Not very many people say it back, but thank you for everyone's support for our military forces. I see that others in here either serve or have served, thank you to you all too.

I look forward to learning from everyone and soaking up all of the information I can about carrying properly, so as to avoid as much trouble as possible, and this site seems to be the place to teach me!
Clinton, Welcome and thanks for your service. :drinks
welcome and thank you for your service.:drinks
Thanks for your service and welcome aboard! :drinks
Just out of curiosity which branch do you serve in?

Welcome from the Space Coast.
Welcome aboard. :drinks
Thanks for your service and welcome aboard! :drinks
Just out of curiosity which branch do you serve in?
I'm in the Army...a big HOOAH to those that have served with us...:)

Although, my MOS allots me the opportunity to work in joint commands...

So to my Marines (past, present and future) I send a big OORAH!

to my Navy I send a big Aye Aye

and to the Airforce I send a big Pick me up a cup of coffee on your next run!

Ah, how I joke. I'm truly grateful for the warm welcomes and I look forward to everyone's mentorship! Sorry my original post was so long.


Also, forgot to mention earlier that my hometown is Vero Beach, graduated and enlisted from there! A big Howdy to all of my fellow treasure coast brethren...although I was know to visit the space coast fairly often.
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Thank you for fighting for our right to be free and to be able to do the things we do in this great country of ours....Glock30

" I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 "
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