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New member from Jacksonville

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Hi, I just found this forum, while I was sufering for a carry hoster. Lots of good info.

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Welcome Jeff :thumsup
Hi Jeff, Welcome to the forum :thumsup
Welcome aboard :drinks
Welcome :drinks


Come out and shoot with us. :pistols

i am from Port Charlotte area :drinks
Welcome Jeff. :drinks
Welcome Aboard jeff:drinks
Glad you found us, Jeff. Welcome.

Welcome to the gang. Have you found a holster, yet? I just received one I had made and will post on it later.
Welcome, glad you found us. Loads of great info here. :)
thanks all. Right now I have a simple Uncle Mike's IWB. I've Been moving it around to different location to see which one works best for me. Desert Eagle .44's are had to hide.:D Just kidding I have a Glock 27. Been spending alot of time looking at myself in the mirror.
Jeff, Welcome to the forum. :drinks
Hello Jeff and welcome to the forum.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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