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New member from Central Florida

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Hello all. Just stumbled onto this forum and figured I'd register. I live near Sanford. Just submitted my CCW application to the state about 2 weeks ago and I'm anxiously waiting it's arrival. My carry piece is a Walther P99 AS in a crossbreed supertuck IWB rig.

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Welcome to the forum. :clap
Welcome from the swamp over by the Space Center. Enjoy. :drinks
Welcome to the group Will I am also a new memeber here. I have a P99 also but am looking for something more compact for a daily carry.
welcome to our pack.:thumsup
Will, welcome. I found this forum the same way. I submitted my application in August and am still waiting.
Welcome to the forum! They sure seem busy up there, so try to hang in there for the wait.
Welcome to the Forum..I'm just a stones throw across Lake Monroe ..if you can throw that far..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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