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Hello all-
I have recently moved from IL. So far I am just gathering some information, and had a few questions..
In IL I worked as a Police Officer before leaving for a private sector career, I completed the academy and the fire arms licensing course. I do have my Law Enforcement Officer Certification for IL.

Can I use any of this to satisfy the requirement for training?
I know my prints are on file, can they access this?
Anything else you think I should be aware of before completing an application?

Thanks for all of the help, this website does have some great information.
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Hi 1042, welcome to the neighborhood, and congratulations on escaping from The Peoples Republik of Illinois.

I know you are going to have a wait until your Florida Concealed Weapons License comes, BUT, we have a great law here in the State of Florida that will allow you to legally carry your firearm loaded in your vehicle as long as it is "securely encased". See Below:


The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XLVI
CRIMES Chapter 790

790.25 Lawful ownership, possession, and use of firearms and other weapons.--

(1) DECLARATION OF POLICY.--The Legislature finds as a matter of public policy and fact that it is necessary to promote firearms safety and to curb and prevent the use of firearms and other weapons in crime and by incompetent persons without prohibiting the lawful use in defense of life, home, and property, and the use by United States or state military organizations, and as otherwise now authorized by law, including the right to use and own firearms for target practice and marksmanship on target practice ranges or other lawful places, and lawful hunting and other lawful purposes.

(3) LAWFUL USES.--The provisions of ss. 790.053 and 790.06 do not apply in the following instances, and, despite such sections, it is lawful for the following persons to own, possess, and lawfully use firearms and other weapons, ammunition, and supplies for lawful purposes:

(l) A person traveling by private conveyance when the weapon is securely encased or in a public conveyance when the weapon is securely encased and not in the person's manual possession;

(5) POSSESSION IN PRIVATE CONVEYANCE.--Notwithstanding subsection (2), it is lawful and is not a violation of s. 790.01 for a person 18 years of age or older to possess a concealed firearm or other weapon for self-defense or other lawful purpose within the interior of a private conveyance, without a license, if the firearm or other weapon is securely encased or is otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use. Nothing herein contained prohibits the carrying of a legal firearm other than a handgun anywhere in a private conveyance when such firearm is being carried for a lawful use. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize the carrying of a concealed firearm or other weapon on the person. This subsection shall be liberally construed in favor of the lawful use, ownership, and possession of firearms and other weapons, including lawful self-defense as provided in s. 776.012.


Title XLVI
CRIMES Chapter 790

790.001 Definitions.--As used in this chapter, except where the context otherwise requires:

(6) "Firearm" means any weapon (including a starter gun) which will, is designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; the frame or receiver of any such weapon; any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; any destructive device; or any machine gun. The term "firearm" does not include an antique firearm unless the antique firearm is used in the commission of a crime.

(16) "Readily accessible for immediate use" means that a firearm or other weapon is carried on the person or within such close proximity and in such a manner that it can be retrieved and used as easily and quickly as if carried on the person.

(17) "Securely encased" means in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access.
Yep, this would probably be a felony in Illinois, but it is legal here in the free State of Florida.

So, as long as your loaded handgun is "securely encased" in the glove compartment, a snapped holster, a gun case, a zippered gun case, or a closed box or container, the you can carry it in your vehicle. You just cannot carry it upon your person in the vehicle OR carry it concealed outside of the vehicle until you get your Florida Concealed Weapon License.

Enjoy your freedom sir!! :drinks
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