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New guy from Piinellas - wildlife concerns

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Hello. I just joined this site yesterday. I've been browsing around, but it's going to take a while.

I do have one question right away. We live in St. Pete, in a relatively nice neighborhood. Our back yard rests against a nature preserve. Nobody is allowed back there, but the wildlife can be impressive. We've had armadillos, possums, snakes (a 5ft+ diamondback rattler), racoons, and even an otter wandering in our yard. Our neighborhood also had a 11ft 70lb python on the loose for a year. Also, I'm sure there are gators in the neighborhood lake, if not in our backyard marshland.

Anyway, we have a fenced in yard, but we have 2 very young and curious dogs. I'm afraid that one of these animals will become a danger to us and/or our property one day (especially when rabies are common in some of those species). I'm not sure what I could legally do if something happened.

I have my CWL. I have a number of .22s and a .38 j frame. I have some shotshells for the .38, but i'm having trouble finding shotshells for the .22s. I do have a air-pistol also, but if there was a problem, I'd hate to count on that, just because of the fear of unknown legal issues.

Can anybody give me some advice/suggestions?
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Bert: Welcome to the forum... I'll leave the answer to your question to those far more experienced than myself -- there are plenty on here.
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