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New Gun II

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I didn't mean to but this weekend I brought home a new gun. I'd been looking for a 1911 to complement the RIA full size GI model I got last year. Went in to Shooter's just to see what they had in stock. No Colt's that I would want and I didn't waste time with the Wilson'$$. I got to looking at the fancy Kimbers and drooled at the ones with all the trimmings, etc. but even they were way out of my under-stimulated budget. Something caught my eye way down on the bottom shelf of the Kimber section. Had to sit down on the floor to really see it (got a new 2009 right knee and it don't bend enough yet). There it was--a plain black, no frills Kimber Custom II. Well, it did have night sights versus the stock (no white dot) sight. It felt good in my hand. In fact, it sorta got stuck there and I couldn't get that thing out of my grip. Long story short--the sales dude dropped nearly $80 off the ticket which made it a most attractive deal. I brought it home.

Today I ran nearly 200 rounds through it from Atlanta Arms, Magtech, PMC Bronze, and 8 Remington Golden Sabre's. It fired all without a single issue and was as accurate as my eyes allowed. In fact, it hit exactly where I pointed it every time. Of course, that was't necessarily where I "aimed" it. :laughing Seriously though, this was one smooth 1911. Bottom line--I'm extremely pleased with it and it's destined to become my new carry piece.
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Congratulations..Where are the pic's?:thumsup
Nice! Good to hear the 1911 folks are alive and thriving. :D

Oh, and:

Pictures coming soon to a forum near you....
Nice grab, RG! Hope she serves you well.

RCR (patiently waiting for LW Commander to return from Colt).
Grate gun...gotta love Shooters BTW
Because you asked...now the post isn't worthless!


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Because you asked...now the post isn't worthless!
Sweet....awaiting range report!
That's a sweet lookin' firearm right there! :clap
Nice, I love those Kimbers :)
Congrats RG ! That is really nice :thumsup

but even they were way out of my under-stimulated budget. :rolf
What?????? You've got one of those, too? Dang that Barrak, forgot you too, eh?

Wait, I just thought about it. If he "stimulates" you, he owns you. No thanks.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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