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I also EDC a Glock-26 (especially in the hot summer months).
Otherwise, a Glock-19.

I carry IWB at 4 o-clock with a Kydex holster (this onehttps://www.highnoonholsters.com/kydex-holsters/medium-duty/reaction-medium)
They make them with a few different cant angles.
I've been carrying at the office ever since I worked there, about 5 years now, and someone only noticed about a month ago - when I bent over to pick something off the floor.
No adverse reaction, other than their amazement that they hadn't noticed before after I informed them I always carry. :)

As BeerHunter mentions, printing is not against the law.
Even exposing the firearm to the view of another, so long as not done with ill intent, is allowed, but its better to keep concealed, "concealed" and not risk anything.
Some people just freak out when they see a gun on anyone other than an officer or security guard in uniform.
We call those people: "sheeple". (and worse, sometimes. Depends.)

Congrats on getting the permit!
Q: Are you carrying with a round in the chamber (yet)? Just curious.
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