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New carry piece.

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Pics will be up soon.

Went to the range the other day with John Hatcher who brought his brand new S&W M&P9c. I brought my G23. Shot his not thinking it would be as accurate as my G23 but the M&P is deadly accurate! After shooting the M&P I had to have one, I never looked at the Glock the same way after that. Sold it and got the 9c. What a pistol.


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I like the natural cant of the MP... it is more like the 1911.
The thing I like is they have really started to make the triggers much better.
The first run that came out needed over 500 rounds to have a nice feel.
If things get back on track, i want the 45c or the 45 longslide....

Congrats on the new piece... I know you will enjoy it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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