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New Baby

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Found a Glock 26 fresh out of factory refurbishment today in St. Augustine. Came with usual box, lock, extra mag, full warranty, papers, etc for $425. Decided to take it. Not a mark or sign of wear on it. Can't wait to feed it next weekend! Have a brother in S. Carolina that does reloading who's going to shower me with several boxes of ammo--can't beat that!
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I was told at the shop it had a one year warranty, same as new. Doing more research on the net I have read that and also claims of a lifetime warranty. We'll see about that--I'm calling Glock this week to get the real scoop. Stay tuned.
Okay, here's another update. I got to feeling a little uncomfortable with the refurb and after speaking to Fred at Glock technical services, decided to see what I could do with the store owner. We dickered, bickered, and haggled and then settled on a deal. I got full refund (no restocking fee of 20%) to apply to a reduced price on the new Glock. Will pick it up Saturday. :dancingbanana
Congrats on the new Glock, NkmG19. You have great taste there!! Brought mine home this past weekend, too. The used/refurbed Glock was pretty much a new gun in that the frame had been replaced for sure--not sure what else might have been fixed. But with new Glock 26s running around $50-$75 more I figured, why not start with a new one. I learned a bit from the tech guy and from my cousin, who is quite knowledgeable on handguns. And as SgtLogan alluded to--you can fix a Glock pretty cheaply should it ever need it. Anyway, I'm happy.


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