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Nationwide CCW Applicants Increasing

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It's not just Florida that has seen an increase in the number of CCW applicants...it's the entire nation (where available) as illustrated in the article from USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-08-03-guns_N.htm?csp=34

The article goes on to quote a few stats like this: •Florida. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services hired 61 temporary workers in spring to tackle a backlog in applications, says spokesman Terence McElroy. The department received 75,520 applications through June, on pace to beat last year's record of 90,331.

Interesting. Now you know why it's taking so long to get your application processed.
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lets just keep the Federal Government out of this arena because as we all know they have a difficult time getting ANYTHING right. :D
Hey now, let's not be so harsh there, TS. The Federal Gov does a great job on just about everything! Like, the Cash For Clunkers program. They figured the first 1 Billion would last until November. It was gone IN THE FIRST WEEK! Great insight and knowledge of the situation. We want THESE people in charge of our health care, and then mandate and control our firearms training?????? NO WAY IN HELL!

Beers y'all,
We already HAVE laws pertaining to the proper use of firearms by civilians. They go by such varied names as "Murder"..."Manslaughter"..."Reckless Endangerment"...etc. in Criminal proceedings, as well as a number of other names in Civil Court. Training is VERY important when it comes to carrying or possessing a weapon of ANY sort. There are more people killed with knives every year than there are handguns. Should the FEDS require your WIFE to undergo THEIR idea of training before she can possess / use a butcher knife or meat cleaver?.....Wait, that might not be a bad idea after all.

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