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I shot the NAA Guardian .380 today and loved it!

It has a Crimson Trace laser on it which makes it extremely easy to aim. The sites that are on the gun are very small. If one was in a hurry to deploy, it would be tough to line them up. My first grouping was within 5" at 7 yards. I was delighted. Note that I just took up pistol shooting 3 weeks ago.

The trigger pull is 10 pounds which is hefty and takes a bit of getting used to. But the gun does not have a safety so the weight of the trigger pull is the safety. The trigger pull is smooth and consistent.

I found the gun to be very fluid which shows off the high quality of this piece. The recoil was not nearly as strong as I had expected -- probably due to the weight of the gun (it is heavier than most pocket pistols). Many people complain about the "snappy" recoil of most light weight pocket pistols. The Guardian is not objectionable at all. If you get a chance to shoot one, give it a try. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.
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