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My prints are being reviewed

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I couldn't stand it. I called again today. At least I'm in the system again. I was told that my prints are still illegible and are now in the process of being reviewed by a supervisor. As gently as I could I tried to press for a date but was told there is no way of her knowing where in the pile of "those being reviewed by a supervisor" I was. I could be at the top or I could be at the bottom. She repeated several times that I was being reviewed by a supervisor.

Never would I have guessed that my prints would give me so much trouble. I told her that the Sheriff's office included a letter that it was the best prints they could obtain and she did say that would help.

Once this supervisor reviews my prints I could be denied or it would be issued. I tried to press for a date but she would not commit to anything.

So all of this to say no news but at least I'm back in the system again.

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It might be a good idea to go get them done electronic that should expidite it they can't argue with electronic prints and also shows you made an extra effort to comply i know you made the effort but in thier minds.
When I had to do my prints over I checked into having them redone electronically(originally paper) I was informed that it would be an additional $35.00 To the state and it would start over again. It was also 2 weeks to get into the sheriffs dept here in fort lauderdale to get them done as they only do them on fridays by appointment only. Went back to the paper and it was only 3 weeks later that I got it.From what im hearing, electronic prints right now are not any faster, especially if you are changing in the middle of the reviewing process.

Hang in there mamabear, I feel like we are all waiting all over again right along with you. It will be a big sigh of relief when you finally get your license. You now have me actually looking forward to your posts just to see how your doing. Sure hope its soon, I cant take much more of this.....:rolf
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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