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Hey I've been doing my classes with students whom have been sent my way by current and former serving armed service members, and students who had previously taken my course. So I haven't been advertising. I've been doing twenty students a month and I still have large back-order(had to take three weeks off for law school exams), but now my summer vacation started so I want to take on doing forty students a month, clear up the back-orders and offer my services to the public at large. At the center of this I'll be offering free demonstration only courses at local public libraries for newbs, never-beens, and didn't-get-enough-from-that-other-CWP-class. With that I'll be putting up a website over the weekend and would appreciate any feedback that any of you could give on the written content for my website before it launches. Thanks ahead of time, if you want to send someone my way before the site launches let me know so I can see about some kind of discount or extra additional service as gratitude for sending them my way. Um prepare for a read.
Hello, and welcome. If you’ve found this webpage by some means other than google searching, googling, Firearms Instructor, CWP, concealed weapons permit, Winter Springs, Casselberry, Oviedo, Florida, then you likely met me at the gym, at a firing range, or saw me in my T-shirt advertising myself like a Nascar driver.
My name is David, and I’m an NRA certified basic pistol instructor, a law school student, Florida Native and locally I teach First Steps Pistol, a target shooting class. A lot folks who complete this class use it as their qualification to apply for their Concealed Weapons Permit ‘CWP’. You don’t have to take the local Gun Show class to apply for it or take a class offered at a gun shop, to apply for your CWP. Taking the class is one of the ways you can fulfill the requirement for application.
So how am I different from the local Gun Shows and Gun Shops. Well I’m not going to give too much away in the beginning. To complete the shooting portion of the class we’ll usually meet up at a range that is having a free day where folks don’t have to pay to shoot, and spend at least an hour getting the students through the shooting portion. I supply two .22lr pistols or more depending on the size of the class, and all the ammo and targets. We will certainly be shooting more than three rounds, and don’t worry about being a first time shooter. The focus of the shooting portion is on safe handling and conduct while at the range. Believe me, I’ve taught kindly widows in the seventies to shoot on target at twenty feet, we’ll likely have the luck of getting you to shoot on target as well. You’ll be learning the fundamentals of shooting so that afterwards you’ll be able to self-teach yourself using the fundamentals. Granted there is additional time as an option but that’s for later mention.
Besides offering to hang around for a bit after doing the shooting portion and checking people out on firearms they own, a lot of people have been buying guns they know little about other than what the guys at the gun counters have been telling them, trust me I’ve shot nearly everything there is in modern production and few classics that belong in museums. I also have a few guns to let you experience a small variety of the shooting experience with, mostly Tokarev pistols in 9mm and 7.62x25, a few Rugers, and so on and so on, it’s mostly based on what I feel like lugging to the range and having to clean afterwards. Granted if you want to shoot beyond .22lr there will be additional cash consideration required but that is something I only discuss during lectures.
So here’s how it works, I’m here to teach you the skills, knowledge, and attitude behind the safe handling and use of firearms for the purposes of shooting targets. I will actually work with you to turn you into a proficient shooter, that’s why I bring a great deal of .22lr with me lol. I have a great deal of knowledge to impart and I’m here to make sure the newest crops of gun owners are as armed with knowledge and safe habits as they are with their firearms.
For those who are unsure about the expense, or aren’t really sure about firearms, I do hold a ‘free demonstration only’ class, where you are welcome to show up. It is not the complete lecture and has additional bits of learning, like the history of handguns, politics of firearms and various other things I have learned. Check the schedule to see when I have one next. If you have already taken a CWP course and feel it was….lacking(I’ve got students who’ve taken the courses with other people and have found mine more fulfilling) you are welcome to take my course as well. If you have proof of having taken the a previous CWP, then contact me about a possible discount because I realize you’ve likely dropped anywhere from $100 and $150 (no my prices are not that high) and don’t feel like doing it again for the same results.

WHO AM I---“ join the many of us who know we have a right our Founding Fathers bled and died for, as safe and responsible firearm owners and sport enthusiasts.”
Well I’m a Florida born and raised native, going to be 25 years old this September of 2009. Been a local boy all my life fortunate enough to travel the world. I wasn’t per se brought up around guns, I started shooting .22lr rifles when I was ten for my birthday, Christmass, Hannukah, good report cards, really anytime my grandfather could sneak me off to go shooting. When I was twelve I started shooting revolvers in .38 special, and when I was fourteen I was handling .357 magnum and .44 Magnum. Didn’t get my hands on a semi-automatic till I was seventeen because my grandfather had found an old Browning Hi-Power 9mm he had stashed and forgot about some years before. I didn’t become a gun owner till I was twenty-one, thank God for uncles with gun collections who let me started shooting their guns when I turned eighteen.
But see here’s what happened. I’m twenty-one, got a fist full of cash I’ve been saving up since I was twelve, the usual pennies, dimes, and quarters most of us forget exist, ready to buy my first gun. And having been brought up to a lesser degree on guns I hadn’t been brought up on the ‘gun culture’, yeah seriously there is a gun culture and I never would have figured that in a million years but “30 Days” and “CNN” keep say there is one lol for some reason, must be a California of New York thing, just always figured owning a gun was as a natural and common as owning a car, both require mature and safe handling, and each can get you hurt if you are stupid with them. Well something I’ve found in the ‘gun culture’ is know-it-alls, now grant you I’m an info junkie and gear-head, that guy you sat next to high school who always had the answers in deafly quiet classrooms as students were praying to themselves not to be called on. Know-it-alls are a….strange breed, hell I’ve gotten plenty of students who are know-it-alls but seem to know or are able to do so little.
My first time to buy a gun the salesman tried to sell me a 1911 .45 Semi-automatic for nearly $900, yeah seriously, a sucker born every second right. When that didn’t work and I asked about an SKS rifle I got handed some garbage about how I would need a $1500 M14, and Marines this, and Navy Seals that, thank you I’ve shot a few myself. So yeah I didn’t buy a gun that day. Later on, my first gun was Ruger Security Six 4” which I much later trade/sold for a small profit, and regret, it was a great gun looking back, I just wanted the other guys S&W 640 and hundred cash (the gun was too hard on his hands he admitted) for a CWP gun. And from there I got the bug.
Since then I’ve learned from old hand shooters, NRA instructors, and a myriad of folks ranging from former IDF(Israeli Defense Force) soldiers who have retired to Miami, Marines, Green Berets, and law enforcement. And here’s what I have found out. There’s no real great mysticism to guns, like any kind of information, you just need to find it and find someone willing to share. I’ve been blessed to know gunsmiths, home-brewers building antique model firearms, and FFL transferors who have freely handed out knowledge, granted I’ve had to pay a time or two for it but the equity I got out of it was a great deal.
So simply enough that’s why I’m an instructor. I’m not some ‘Tack-ti-kool’ elitist sitting behind a gun counter, I’m not some CWP instructor who says he trains law enforcement and then hands you some pieces of papers with statutes on them along with a few war stories, has you fire one to three rounds and chucks you out. I’m an NRA Instructor and I take what I do seriously. These to me are scary times folks. Lots of people want to paint gun owners as nuts and weirdoes, blame societies problems on guns and not look at the reality facing them, and more than a few folks who for some strange and idiotic reason want to destroy an American tradition that has helped shape and building of this country (i.e. Samuel Colt, Shane McFinn, John ‘Mosses’ Browning, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, General Patton, Ulysses Grant, George Washington, John Madison, etc. etc. etc., it’s an incredibly long list). You are welcome at my free classes, and I urge you to take the paid class, and join the many of us who know we have a right our Founding Fathers bled and died for, as safe and responsible firearm owners and sport enthusiasts.

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You're a young guy so take some advice from an old man....Those who are pursuing their concealed carry dont give a squat about target shooting, they dont need a concealed carry license to target shoot..They're wanting to learn how to defend themselves and stay alive with that very firearm they are going to be carrying....Learn some defensive pistol skills and teach those..I do, even in my 1st Steps Pistol Classes...Target shooting can be taught in 20 minutes or less..proper grip, stance, trigger control, breath control, front sight and target acquisition are pretty simple techniques to learn on the square range then they can practice on paper targets to their hearts content. The safety rules, parts of the pistol, ammo malfunctions etc take about an hour..Teaching mindset, defensive techniques and tactics, situational awareness and what to watch for, different ways to conceal including firearms, clothing and gear, what to do, when to do it, how to stay alive and win, the aftermath, adrenaline dump, understanding the criminal mindset, etc etc are much more difficult for them to comprehend and teach but can be done and is much more important to their survival on the street. Most of this can be touched on in a couple of hours(not in depth) in a 4 hour class including the proof of firearm proficiency with each student getting approx. 50 rounds...Preparing people to conceal carry and understanding the responsibility of the path they now have chosen is a whole different ball game than teaching target shooting..the advice you give could mean someones life..I dont teach anyone under 18 yrs of age and carry a large Insurance liability policy in case their is an accident. That piece of paper you make them sign is worthless in a court of law..BTDT
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