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My new Sig P229 guns

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Funny thing happened on my way to the range to test our my new M&P Shield, which btw, was flawless after 200 rounds of assorted ammo and my new EDC gun. While at the LGS I saw three Sig P229 guns. Ended up going all the way home, packing up all the guns I have that I bought for carry but seldom carried because I liked others better. Drove all the way back to the LGS and came home with a beautiful Sig P229 SAS DAK in .40 and a Sig P229 Scorpion Elite in 9mm with threaded barrel. They are both great shooters and the kind of gun I can enjoy shooting at 25 yards. No problems after a few hundred rounds in each of practice and carry ammo. Not for daily carry as they weigh 32 oz. unloaded but I did buy King Tuk and Don Hume OT holsters for them as all my guns work or get traded. There are times when I can carry a big gun such as long car trips or if just going out for an hour or two in your neighborhood. :)

I must say that as an old revolver guy I love the DAK trigger as it is a nice 6.5 lb. DA pull like a fine tuned revolver. It does have a quirk in that there are two trigger resets. If you fire and let the trigger out a little you will hit a reset but it is 8.5 lbs. If you let the trigger return fully you get the 6.5 lb. normal pull. I have no idea of this is on purpose or just a quirk.

The Scorpion is a DA/SA and has a Short Trigger Reset and they do mean short. You press the trigger and release it just a tiny bit and fire again. I can make it sound like a full automatic gun if I am just pulling the trigger rather than trying to hit the bulls eye. :)

One last thing to mention is that with the .40 cal Sig, a simple barrel change converts it to a .357 sig. The mags are marked as .40/.357 so it is very easy to go from one caliber to another with no need for new mags. Two guns in one and twice the fun. Love shooting the .357 sig at the range next to guys shooting .22s. :grin

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Front Cocking Serrations
Flat Dark Earth Anodize Aluminum Frame
SIGLITE Night Sights
Hogue G-10 Piranha Grips
Integral Accessory Rail
Short Reset Trigger
Threaded barrel

Item Number: E26R-9-SCPN-TB
Caliber: 9mm
Action Type: DA/SA
Trigger Pull DA: 10.0 lbs
Trigger Pull SA: 4.4 lbs
Overall Length: 8.7 in
Overall Height: 5.5 in
Overall Width: 1.6 in
Barrel Length: 4.9 in
Sight Radius: 6.3 in
Weight w/Mag: 34.0 oz
Mag Capacity: 15 Rounds
Sights: SIGLITE Night Sights
Grips: Hogue Extreme G-10 Grips
Frame Finish: Flat Dark Earth Finish
Slide Finish: Flat Dark Earth Finish

Chambered for .40 S&W, the SIGARMS® P229 SAS has custom wood grips embossed with the SIGARMS® Custom Shop logo. Not only do these grips help maintain hold, resulting in less second shot recovery time and increased accuracy, but with their unique checkering and classic style, they’re aesthetically appealing. With all this and more, it’s obvious that this pistol is perfect for any gun enthusiast.

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel

• Trigger Pull DAK 6.5 lbs.
• Overall Length 7.10”
• Overall Height 5.40”
• Overall Width 1.50”
• Barrel Length 3.9”
• Sight Radius 5.7”
• Sights SIGLITE® Front, Contrast Rear
• Weight with Mag 32.0 oz
• Mag Capacity 12 Rounds, 10-Rnds in certain states

Perfect for compact concealed carry, the SIGARMS® P229 SAS is a flawless combination of stopping power and smooth performance. The P229 SAS’s slide and frame are dehorned to decrease catches on clothing and for less noticeable carry, while the front night sights allow for easier target acquisition in low light situations. This handgun from SIGARMS® also features:
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I can't see the pics........but congrats, I love Sigs.
Congrats on your beautiful SIGs. I have never understood that oddity of the DAK reset...you'd think with a shorter reset you'd get a lighter pull. :dunno

I too enjoy shooting .357 SIG on occasion from my .40 (H&K P2000). I'm glad I picked up the barrel before they went out of manufacture.

I just wish .357 ammo weren't half again as expensive as .40.
Only thing I can think of is that they wanted to avoid the absolute need to fully release the trigger but not give the shooter a real light reset that may precipitate an unintended quick second shot. For example, when I have my one and only unintentional discharge my first reaction was to tighten my hand and I almost pulled the trigger a second time. If the gun had a light reset I might have put a second round through the wall. :)

I enjoy shooting my Colt SAA and .45 Colt ammo ain't cheap either.
Very nice additions, congrats. I love my Sigs and want to get more.
Know what you mean. I am up late debating whether to trade in my Colt SAA, which is on a display stand, for the .40 version of the Scorpion. My only problem is the threaded barrel on the Scorpion because it sticks out of the holsters and as I suspected, jab my hip. I think I will just get a non threaded barrel for $160 rather than take a few hundred dollar loss in a trade. Then again I always do the same thing. I love all metal guns that feel substantial in my hand and after buying them end up carrying my lighter and thinner guns and selling the heavier guns. Did this about three times this year already. However I am thinking now that I will probably never use my carry gun so why buy 8 carry guns. It makes more sense to buy guns that are fun at the range as they will be used once a month or more. So I have a .357 snub nose and 9mm M&P Shield plus an LCP and NAA mini revolver so I think I have all the CCW bases covered with my Sigs available for ccw also if needed.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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