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My new LittleBear rig

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Here are some pictures of my new rig from Dave, I have been working the details for it for some time now, and Dave has gone above and beyond on this holster.The holster is for my G19. At first I wanted something simple, and when Dave and I started talking about it, things just took off. We have been through two prototypes, with mine and Daves design. When the final design was set, we kicked around some art for the holster. After a couple of weeks trying to decide, this is what evolved.............

Wood Fashion accessory Cap Artifact Carving


What can I say...the art is awesome!The holster fits the G19 like a glove, very happy with the design! The holster is horsehide, and the skin is shark, very unusual, and very cool looking! So much contrast. Its about 95% done, just need some clips or loops and I am also getting a dual mag pouch that is going to be just as amazing!I plan on wearing the holster primarily OWB, but its nice to have the option to go IWB. Dave also made me a belt to match. Once I have the set I will post some more pictures. Dave spent a long time working on the design of the art and then transfering it to the leather. Well worth the wait!

Thanks Dave,for another one of a kind rig :D

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Nice looking holster, wear it in good health sir.

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