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My new LittleBear Rig Part 2

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The original rig made for me was based on an old Taurus PT111 model so Dave kindly remade it.:dancingbanana. We kept the belt loops from the first one as well as the mag holder. I think the color contrast came out perfectly, but then again I'm a little prejudiced.. The pic's follow, along with one of the original rig. Great job sir.
Thanks again Dave.
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Love the color of your new rig! Really nice!

Congrats and wear with good health!

Thanks. When I was at Dave's shop I saw the piece of leather he was going to use for the rig..It was beautiful in its natural color and seemed flawless. I asked Dave if he could leave it unstained and just put clear on..This is how it turned out...:dancingbanana
And yeah, Dave's pretty good, no matter what everybody, but me, says.. :D
Note to Dave

I finally got a chance to put the gun in the rig and the rig on my on my belt. Wearing it IWB at the moment. Even with my 'handles', and sitting down, it feels comfortable. Just need to figure out a faster way to put everything together.(belt thru 2 sets of loops while holding up my jeans and trying to not drop everything on the floor):D. But for a first time I'm doing OK. Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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