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My New Beretta

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I recently purchased a new Beretta 90-Two F in .40 at the Ft Myers gun show. I bought the Beretta based primarily on reputation and I went for the .40 caliber based on a lot of materials I read on this website (and some test shooting of a S&W .40). This site is a very valuable source of information and a terrific link to ballistics, reviews and user performance reviews, etc. I took my new Beretta to the range today to test it and get the feel of the DA/SA. I shot some 180 grain FMJ and some 170 grain FMJ. This handgun feels, behaves and shoots superbly. I was unsure about the DA/SA, but I understand the DA safety aspect combined with the soft pull of SA on second shots. It will take considerable practice to master (and I am not there yet), but I think I like it a lot. Obviously, different shooters have different preferences and what is right for one is not appealing to others. I just wanted to let you know that this shooter thinks this is a beautiful handgun.
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Well Congrats on the new pistol, but

Congrats on the new gun. :dancingbanana

I'm a big fan of the DA/SA action and the .40 S&W cartridge.
Right You Are

OK Devilfrog, I am trying to attach a picture.

Paladin, I read with great interest your posts about .40 and DA/SA. Your comments were most helpful and a very important part of the information I used in deciding what to purchase. I value the comments of the many experienced shooters, like you, who post on this site.


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The Beretta is a good handgun and the 40 S&W is a good round, even though I have always thought of it as an answer without a question. With practice you should have no problem becoming very proficient with that weapon. Besides, practice is fun. Enjoy.
... I just wanted to let you know that this shooter thinks this is a beautiful handgun.
You're right..that is a very nice handgun! Congrats!!:thumsup

As that's a size that far suits my taste and hand size...I'm curious in regard to concealement. Any experience with it so far in that realm..anyone else?

A larger, somewhat heavier handgun is actually what I'm far more comfortable with compared to even the mid sized frames, but, so far, my experience with trying to conceal carry something like a earlier 92 9mm has been confusing at best. It looks as if that one is just a smidge smaller than a full sized older version 92..but, I may be wrong on that count. Did they change the size of them? I really haven't looked at the new Berettas..

I'll have to check out the specs on that one...how's the weight?
This shooter also thinks that is a beautiful weapon.

I'm a fan of the 40 S&W also.

Thats a fine looking gun, I am a fan of the artistry found within some guns and this one has some fine lines and curves.
I just went to the gun store today looking for that exact gun! How do like it so far? I'm thinking about getting one for my EDC. And not only that but I came directly into the Weapons forum to search for this exact model and see if anyone had posted anything regarding it.
Reply to your questions

I appreciate your interest. I believe the length of the new 90-TWO is the same as the 92. However, the 90-TWO weighs less at 32.5 oz. Beretta added an internal recoil buffer that reduces received stress. Some shooters who generally prefer the 9mm for its lesser recoil than the .40 S&W might give this new 90-TWO a try to see if this closes the recoil gap, while still delivering the bigger punch of the .40. It's difficult for me to tell. There are some contour changes as well. The grip is new and feels great to my hand (of course, that is strictly a personal matter). The trigger guard is rounded and less pronounced. The slide has added grooves for surer grip when racking and there is an integrated rail for accessories with a cover to avoid holster catches. There also is a slight improvement on the disassembly switch. The breakdown for cleaning is very easy. I have not decided about a holster yet so I cannot comment about suitability for concealed carry. I think that will take time and I hope to get some good advice from other shooters.:thumsup
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very nice looking piece

Thanks. I'm actually very intrested in the .40. I'm not overly concerned with the recoil of it. Especially with the new recoil design of your 90 two.

I definitely like the lighter weight.
Keep us posted how things go with that one.

I'm pretty set on what I'm shopping for, but, I'm open for new suggestions. :thumsup
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