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:dancingbanana My License showed up today out of the blue,
WOW, I even forgot that i sent off for it!!!:laughing
NAH, just kidding, mailed it on 8-27, Check cleared 9-5,
license says it was issued 11-7, received 11-17.
Do you think my birthday being on 11-10 had anything to do with it?????
Well, at least it turned out to be a good birthday present instead of a
christmas present.:thumsup
Now i guess my christmas present will have to be either a SW40VE, SW9VE, or a Kahr CW9 or 40. I haven't decided which one would be the best gun.
Living in such a small town like Palatka, we don't have a range that will rent you a bunch of different guns to try out, so i don't know how they shoot.
Which does everybody think would be better, a 9mm or a 40?
The only ones i currently have is a 38 special 5 shot rev. or a ruger .357 mag security-six that is kind of heavy, and a 32 auto that can not be carried at all.
I sure would appreciate some help in gun choices.

Gonna wait for a new gun and holster before i do the wally world walk. but im not too worried about that, my wife works there!!!:rolf

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Congratulations on your license! :dancingbanana:dancingbanana

My license was issued on my mother's birthday. How funny is that?

Happy birthday to you as well. I can't think of a better present. Except maybe a box of bullets or a new gun.


Go to wallyworld and see if your wife can see you printing. haha

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Congrats on the license. I carry a S&W M&P 40c. I love it.
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