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I just got off the phone with my b.i.law in AZ . I usually refer to him as Mr. .22 . As per our usual , he has sent me another b.o.l.o for yet a 4th load of goodies . this is a mega shipment this time , even some .300 b/o brass that I can use . Also inc' .270's if anyone needs a few ..

He's shocked me , as he just bought an RIA 1911 .45 acp ! He also bought a tumbler for $6. at garage sale ! The damn thing even works [ lmao ] ! The advantage to me now , I am receiving all cleaned and tumbled brass for the first time . He's a great guy , tough as leather , hard as a rock always ..

Mr. .22 has also found out about a new shipment of S.P. primers at his favorite Gun shop now at $3.99 per 100 . In today's market $40. per thousand isn't bad at all IMO . Look at what they are selling at Gun Brk'r now , insane prices for sure averaging at $150 - $200 .

I have him deep into all facets of reloading . Instead of the 'bone collector' , he should be the 'brass collector'. If he acquires any more reloading items or ammo , his modular home with sink into the AZ desert . :unsure:

My sister just told me his health is now compromised also .. Bless him for his strong ties to the 2 A and just plain love of our heritage and our shooting sports ;)
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