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OK first thoughts I had when signing up for the class was....Am I ready for this? Are the other class mates going to be that far ahead of me? All of that was unfounded and a waste of my time.

Day 1

6:15 am Sat morning I meet up with brownie to go have breakfast, with Him and Swamprat we had a good breakfast and we were ready to get to shooting.

Right from the start we got in too what was going on for the day . He explained what core skills he was going to teaching us.(I love the scoop draw to elbow up elbow down)
The class was mixed with some new shooters and really experienced ones. I fall in between there some were. From the time we started to the till lunch I was Stunned how fast that man can teach . I was doing things with the pistol that I would never had thought of doing before.
The weather was great a little humid but hey that FL for you. After lunch we got back to work(fun) I felt my skill was increasing by every shot. I am sure I was not the only one feeling this way . I mean come on Other then reloading the pistol you did not focus it on it at all!
When we got done for the day . I did not have any doubts what soever on theses skills he was teaching us.

Day 2

again after a good breakfast we setup new targets and got ready for more shooting. Brownie worked us hard that day and I noticed the bump in speed right off. My brain wanted to slow down but brownie kept the class going.
Lets see so far I am drawing from the holster faster ,shooting were I am looking , getting more round on target before I realized it the day was over . WOW what a ride.


I Feel this was money well spent! not only did brownies teaching increase my skill and keeping me off the X it also taught me how to handle my weapon LIKE A WEAPON.
Brownie And SwampRat you are both real nice guys ,I am glad to have been able to meet you and train with you ,and be friend you I applaud you both !

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Thanks for the thoughts TJ,

You stepped up to the plate and your speed and hits were great all weekend.

You hit it right on the head here about your ability with a handgun-----

"drawing from the holster faster ,shooting were I am looking , getting more round on target"

Thanks for the thoughts, it was a pleasure training with you last weekend. My satisfaction comes from watching the students increase their speed and hit percentages rapidly, all without having to look at the gun.

Never forget, don't second guess your ability to put rounds where you are looking, and take em out immediately with the physical skills you possess if they present a threat to your person.

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