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My 1911

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I have been interested in firearms and shooting, and self defense for a short time now, and I have been soaking up as much info as I possibly can.

Between my training classes with Brownie, and being around good people like Dave and Scott, I have learned so much with their expertise and experiences. At our range sessions, I was able to shoot several firearms, several of which were the classic 1911. I never gave too much thought to that platform untill I actually fired one, and I was hooked after the first round . They are amazing guns.

I recently was able to work a deal with Dave to aquire one of his 1911's.
Its a Kimber Tactical Ultra II , 3inch barrel with elk bone grips.

I was a little concerned about shooting a officers model compared to a longer barrel, but after going to the range this past weekend with RCR, my concerns were cleared after the first mag. Simply an outstanding handgun. I sent 150 rounds down range, firing from 7 to 10 yards{help me on that Scott}, to 3 yards. Drawing from my holster to elbow up\elbow down was right on the money. :D I worked extensively on my two handed Quick Kill from multiple distances with great results.:thumsup Scott and I had a great range session, btw...Scott was money all day!
The Kimber carries well, especially in my LittleBear rig!
Anyway, I will stop my rambling and post some picts.

Thanks Dave! You hooked me up! :thumsup

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Jim45: I'm so happy for you!! :dancingbanana Seems like we're exchanging platforms. I was greatly impressed with the feel and balance of your Glock 19, so I went to Shooters last weekend and bought one (price was amazing!). Now you've ventured into the world of the 1911 (my favorite carry).

Scott, Jim: We've got to do a range day together. A little recurring training, if you will. :ak
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