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MTAC and XDM, Nice combo.

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MTAC holster arrived in the mail this morning. Nicely made and seems to fit my "spot" pretty well. I plan on wearing it at about 4 O'clock.

LOL, after pocket holstering my PF-9, I have to say the XDM is pretty large in the grip dept.

People say that they just imagine the little print is like a cell phone. LOL, my little print looks more like a pay phone!:rolf

Actually, considering how large it is the MTAC really does minimize its profile. Some printing visible with a tee shirt but a regular shirt makes it disappear nicely. All in all, seems like a good way to carry a fairly large and thick gun.

If I put on twenty or so pounds it looks as if it will disappear nicely into my "love handles". Another excuse to not be so fanatical about diet and exercise!:D
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Glad you like it, sir.

Now, off to TacoBell with you ("Honest dear, it's for better concealment!"). :D
TacoBell? Hey, isn't that the Mexican phone company??????:D:D
Bob, I'll post some pics when I get a chance. I have it set with the clip on the left as you face the holster in the top hole and the right in next to the bottom hole. It gives it a pretty extreme cant which seems to hide it with my body. I am six feet tall and about 200 lbs. with a 36" waist. I have very long legs and a compact torso for my height so your carry angle may be different but this seems comfortable and nearly invisible with a T shirt (Ex large instead of Large which I can also wear.)

I think the key to this holster is the adjustability. I tried two other combinations and this just works for me. As I mentioned above, if I let my love handles get a bit larger it would totally obscure the gun but bruise my ego!
OK, here you go. Sorry, the wife doesn't like taking pictures of me with guns on. Hard to figure since she loves when I wear my gun to...........:rolf

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Idea of the size in the above pic.

XDM compared to KelTec PF 9
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