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MTAC and XDM, Nice combo.

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MTAC holster arrived in the mail this morning. Nicely made and seems to fit my "spot" pretty well. I plan on wearing it at about 4 O'clock.

LOL, after pocket holstering my PF-9, I have to say the XDM is pretty large in the grip dept.

People say that they just imagine the little print is like a cell phone. LOL, my little print looks more like a pay phone!:rolf

Actually, considering how large it is the MTAC really does minimize its profile. Some printing visible with a tee shirt but a regular shirt makes it disappear nicely. All in all, seems like a good way to carry a fairly large and thick gun.

If I put on twenty or so pounds it looks as if it will disappear nicely into my "love handles". Another excuse to not be so fanatical about diet and exercise!:D
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Glad you like it, sir.

Now, off to TacoBell with you ("Honest dear, it's for better concealment!"). :D

Don't quit your day job!
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