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Military Permit Questions

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Hello from central Florida. As I am new here, Im not sure if this is going in the right category, but I'll try it. I am writing on behalf of my brother and his boys stationed over in Iraq. They are all anxious to get home and get carry permits. They had a few questions I didnt know the answer to:

1. Can they skip the classroom/range portion of the process? (I would hope if you can headspace a Ma Deuce you wouldnt have too much else to learn...)
2. Do they need fingerprints on file? And if so can they bring some done by the MP's?
3. Any other tips or stuff they can do early so they can expedite the process when they get back?

They are all active duty, non-felons of course.

Thanks in advance for the help,

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You would think active military would get a wavier but i guess the states rights come into play. They also want your $$$$.
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