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Location: Jupiter

Host: Florida Firearms Training

Why: If you spend a lot of time in areas that you can not carry firearms or knives (airports, government buildings, educational facilities, hospitals etc) THIS IS the class you need.

Description: Developed specifically for Florida Firearms Training, the customized curriculum that Mike Janich (of Martial Blade Concepts and Beat Defense TV Fame) will present is designed to provide a simple, integrated skills set that enables you to defend yourself effectively with improvised weapons like tactical pens and flashlights, and with environmental weapons of opportunity. It will also teach you how to combine these skills with your shooting tactics to "earn your draw"(when a firearm or knife is legal to carry) and seamlessly transition from a contact-distance striking to use of a firearm. Additionally, Mr. Janich will present selected elements of his Counter-Gun Concepts system of disarming attackers armed with firearms. Perfect course for CWP holders, law enforcement and security personnel.

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