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Mike Janich Course April 1st & 2nd In Florida

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Only a few opening left for Mike Janich's up coming "Practical Self-Defense: A Counter-Blade Concepts and Practical Unarmed Combatives Skills Course" in Okeechobee next month.

While firearms--and the skills to use them effectively--play a critically important role in modern self-defense, alone they are not enough. Despite your best efforts to remain aware and avoidant, attacks can still occur at close range and before you have the opportunity to draw. You may also find yourself in an environment where firearms are illegal to carry or faced with a non-lethal assault that does not justify a gun-based response.

The answer to all these situations is a logical, easy-to-learn system of contact-distance self-defense that works both unarmed and with improvised and purpose-designed weapons alike. In this special two-day seminar, renowned self-defense instructor and co-host of The Best Defense TV Series provides that answer.

Full details here: Florida Firearms Training

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