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Yes, YOU have a rare opportunity to train directly with the Master himself! Mr. Micheal Janich will be in Florida for this special training event.

Developed specifically for Florida Firearms Training, the customized curriculum Mr. Janich will present is designed to provide a simple, integrated skills set that enables you to defend yourself effectively , with improvised weapons like pens and flashlights, and with environmental weapons of opportunity. It will also teach you how to combine these skills with your shooting tactics to "earn your draw" and seamlessly transition from contact-distance striking to use of a firearm. Finally, Mr. Janich will present selected elements of his Counter-Gun Concepts system of disarming attackers armed with firearms.

This is a practical, easy-to-learn system that is ideally suited to modern self-defense. Regardless to the students age, physical ability or experience.

Skills that will be Worked On and Topics Discussed in this Class:
  • Unarmed defenses against common unarmed attacks
  • Dispelling the myths of the "21-foot rule"
  • Realistic unarmed defenses against common knife and impact-weapon attacks
  • Recognizing, assessing, and using environmental weapons of opportunity
  • Carry, draw, and application of everyday carry (EDC) improvised weapons like tactical pens and flashlights
  • Proactive and preemptive defensive use of tactical flashlights
  • Fundamentals of in-fight weapons access and "earning your draw"
  • Transitioning from unarmed skills to the handgun
  • Principles of Counter-Gun Concepts
  • Basic first-person handgun disarms
  • Basic third-person (active shooter) handgun disarms
  • Total skill integration and contextual application

Skills and Requirements Needed coming into this Class:
  • No prior self-defense training is necessary to attend.
  • Although it is designed to empower people of all sizes and fitness levels, please note this is a physical class and will involve striking padded targets. All students must be physically able and willing to participate in two days of physical activity. Most of the class time will be spent standing or moving on your feet.
  • Students must make instructor aware of any medical issues or previous injuries.
  • Minimum age 18 years.

Full Details:

Instructor Info: Apart from being a member of the elite International Close-Combat Instructors Association, Mr. Janich is one of the host instructors of the award winning weekly The Best Defense TV Show on The Outdoor Channel. He is the sole author of six fighting books and co-author of seven, including “Bullseyes Don’t Shoot Back” which he wrote with the late close-combat legend Col. Rex Applegate. Mr. Janich has also been featured in more than 20 instructional videos on defensive edged-weapon use.

Due to Mr. Janich's other commitments within the industry, he now only teaches about 12 classes a year worldwide. We are fortunate to have been selected to host a class for the fourth year in a row!

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I just signed up myself and a friend and I’m looking forward to the class. Janich is nearly legendary.
Awesome, make sure you say Hi, when you get there. I am the FFT guy with a British accent.
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