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I went from Jr. to Member. Mamabear, does this go by number of posts? I'm not sure so why not ask the head woman in charge. Thanks and have a great day....I read in a forum that you injured yourself, hope your o.k. I will talk to ya later....lol G30
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no one has answered the mans question. :rolf

Yes, it goes by the number of posts. If memory serves me correctly you are a JR member until 30 posts, then you become a member until 100 posts at which time you become a senior member. After that, I guess you do have to be "voted in" by the Admin/Mods because TampaSsgt is a distinguished member and has been since about 1500 posts. I have more than 1500 posts and am still a senior member. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING. Just making an observation. To me, the title does not mean anything (no offense)
I've got just over 50 posts and I don't have any member titles :rolleyes:

Should I complain about it? :rolf

Glock30, congrats on your member status :thumsup

Should have know you would have something to say about it.

You might re-read my post that you quoted it says:

I guess I am on your bad side. Would you care to let me know what the **** I did to you, or how I can get back on your good side, because I dont like reading comments you post that appear condescending.

Once again just pointing out that when TampaSsgt made a 1000 posts, you congratulated him. You just congratulated Glock30 on becoming a "member" which has to do with the number of posts that he made. Me on the other hand, you made a big stink when I made a post about becoming a senior member @ 1000 posts. So much of a stink in fact that I believe the thread was closed.

Not trying to stir things up just making an observation and it would be nice if the condescension ceased. Thanks :drinks
I only congratulated glock30 as I posted in the thread here about my own post count and no member status at all :rolf

I didn't allude to anything about you complaining or not complaining, just the fact I don't have member status and wondered if I should complain to someone about it. If you were on my bad side or I had a problem with you at all, I'd take it to pm :drinks

The subject came up about post count again and that brought my own situation to the fore. :thumsup

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