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mag loader

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hi people, anyone know of a good mag loader...I have reduced strength in my hands so getting the last few rounds in the clip is a problem.... I'm thinking about a Uplula uni mag loader....I have a Glock-36 and keltic 9mm. Thanks for your imput in advance:pistols:pistols
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The Uplula is probably the best I've seen..
They also make one for AR-15 magazines. I have both and they work very very well. About the only hand strength you need is a little squeeze pressure. I would recommend to anyone. It saves your fingers and thumb when trying to load 100-200 rounds at the range. Very useful invention.
Thank you all for the info ....looks like I'll go with the Uplula...thanks again

The UpLULA is the way to go. You can catch them on E-bay for cheaper than a lot of the gun shops have them.
You're gonna' hate yourself for not getting the Uplula sooner! I use mine for the Kel-Tec & the CZ82 & it's just amazing. :thumsup

Thanks everyone I'm going to get one today!
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