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Lousiana and Florida Reciprocity Rumors

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Lots of rumors floating around on the Louisiana boards stating that Louisiana will soon drop Florida permits from their reciprocity list, due to lower training standards in Florida. Anyone got the scoop on this that can share with us?

Also, why in the world does Florida not honor nonresident permits from other states, but expect other states to honor theirs? Seems to me if Florida recognizes the need for and issues nonresident permits, they would honor other states that do as well.
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i am confused !

I thought that Florida was not recognizing NONresident permits from other states! ie. if you live in Misissippi but have a Georgia non-resident permit it isnt honored here !! But if you live in a State that you have the permit from and florida has reciprocity with then your permit is valid here too ! Is this not how it is ? Kevin
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