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Hello FCC Forum.

I'm new to the forum, actually just posted my introduction on another thread. I wanted to reach out to the folks on this forum for some information on anyone who might have, or know of, a room for rent to conduct a firearms course in Miami (preferably around the West Miami Dade area) . I became certified by the NRA for basic pistol safety a couple of years ago but I have not been active. That is going to change this year but I am having a little bit of a challenge in securing a room to be able to conduct the classroom portion of the training. Anyone out there have any suggestions or advice?

If there are any instructors in the forum,( I know you guys are out there) who might be wiling to part with some advice on class room instruction, range instruction, or even a preference on a good range where you take your students in Miami Dade county. I would greatly appreciate the advice.

Thank you all in advance for your help....

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