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Looking for a Good 22LR Handgun - Recommendations?

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I've been thinking about getting a nice 22LR handgun for a while now, and it's getting to be time to start looking seriously. I have a 22 rifle that I shoot regularly (good ol' Nylon 66) so I have about 2000 rounds of various brands available, and 22LR seems to mostly be available.

I like the look and feel of the Walther P22 and have seen a S&W 22A that seemed pretty nice, too. Don't know of any revolvers, but that might be the best way to make sure I don't have a gun that won't shoot the ammo I have.

Can anyone recommend a 22 pistol that isn't very fussy? Or an accurate 22 revolver that won't break the bank? I mean, S&W lists the 22A pistol for about $300 while their cheapest revolver is $916 list.

This is going to be for indoor/outdoor target practice, mostly. Although it might find another use if we're reduced to huntin' squirrels in the yard :rolf

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Nice thing with the .22 revolver, is you can get a .22 magnum cylinder to go with it. (Rugers?)

I lean towards semi's myself.
Browning buckmark is hard to beat, but I've got an old High Standard that I've put a LOT of rounds through and it still shoots like a dream.

Ooooh. That's beautiful, man. Piece of functional art.

My AR-15 is High Standard, so they're on the list for sure. Not sure of models and all, though.

I have a S&W Model 41. I love it.
Had to look that up on their website. Do you have the 7" barrel or the 5 1/2?

Looks nice, but not sure I want to go that high for a 22 pistol. I see them online for $950 - probably 975 or so locally.

I want to thank everyone for the responses. The Ruger MKIII is the leading answer so far, but I don't think I could go too wrong with the Walther or the S&W.

Coincidentally, Shooting Gallery on the Outdoors Network's Wednesday night line up focused on the 22. They had a lot of nice things to say about the platforms and Tactical Solutions products, so it has been sort of a .22 cal information overload weekend for me. (I record the gun shows on Wednesday and Thursday nights on the two channels and watch them on the weekend).


I'm surprised no one has put forward this fine Home Grown (Opalocka) Heritage RoughRider. 22LR/Magnum available with 4 barrel lengths 3.75, 4 5/8, 6.5, 9. Available for under $200 at most locations where they are sold.
Opa-Locka? For real?

I lived there when I was 3 for a year, then we moved to Carol City, which had an Opa-Locka post office address, when I was like 10 - stayed there for 9 years. So that's really my home town.

I need to see if any of them are around up here.

BobL, I just got a P22 myself not too long ago, did a quick review here. So far, loving it! :drinks
Thanks for that info, Timbal. I watched your P22 video and a bunch of the others. I like the look of the P22, but my only experience with one was picking it up and getting a rough idea of how it feels. Hopefully, my local guys can rent me a P22 and a S&W 22A to try out.

I've got a Browning Buckmark Hunter with a red dot on it. It's a great shooter!! The 7" bull barrel really helps with those long shots. I paid ~$330 but it's probably gone up now.

That is a nice looking 22 there.

Still haven't done anything with this. I'm waiting for my CWFL to come in so I can just walk into and out of the store with it.

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