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Looking for a Good 22LR Handgun - Recommendations?

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I've been thinking about getting a nice 22LR handgun for a while now, and it's getting to be time to start looking seriously. I have a 22 rifle that I shoot regularly (good ol' Nylon 66) so I have about 2000 rounds of various brands available, and 22LR seems to mostly be available.

I like the look and feel of the Walther P22 and have seen a S&W 22A that seemed pretty nice, too. Don't know of any revolvers, but that might be the best way to make sure I don't have a gun that won't shoot the ammo I have.

Can anyone recommend a 22 pistol that isn't very fussy? Or an accurate 22 revolver that won't break the bank? I mean, S&W lists the 22A pistol for about $300 while their cheapest revolver is $916 list.

This is going to be for indoor/outdoor target practice, mostly. Although it might find another use if we're reduced to huntin' squirrels in the yard :rolf

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I'm surprised no one has put forward this fine Home Grown (Opalocka) Heritage RoughRider. 22LR/Magnum available with 4 barrel lengths 3.75, 4 5/8, 6.5, 9. Available for under $200 at most locations where they are sold.
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Here is a list of Heritage Dealers in Florida. This list may not be current and some of these dealers may only special order. I have 2 of these fine low cost revolvers and they are very accurate, especially with the LR Cylinder. I do not hesitate to recommend them and do so often. Good value and fun to shoot.

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