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List getting bigger for 45

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Still shopping for a carry weapon in .45 ACP. Thought I had narrowed my list down to three possibles for my subcompact body. Then, Dave from Little Bear Custom Holsters had to go and mention the Kimbers. So I went to the Kimber web site and checked them out. The Kimber Ultra Carry II looks like it would fill the bill nicely too. So, thanks a lot, Dave. Now I have to find and fondle another one.:smack :D

The list now contains:
Clock G36, 6 + 1 cap.
Sig P220 Carry Elite, 8 + 1 cap.
Sig 1911 Compact, 7 + 1 cap.
Kimber Ultra Carry II, 7 + 1 cap.

The Kimber shades all but the Glock in smallness.

I want a small carry in 40 S&W and one in .45 ACP. (I don't count the little J frame revo in 38 special because rather than looking tough or intimidating, it just looks cute.) I have filled the 40 S&W platform with a Springfield Armory XD40 subcompact. Mean looking little sucker! If it were a dog, it would no doubt be a pit bull. If it were a woman, it would be my ex mother-in-law.

So , I will listen to anything anyone has to say about those on my list of possibles. Aw heck, go ahead and feel free to mention others if you feel the need. Just means I will have to track down and fondle another one if you do.

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Why have two guns in different calibers?

The first thought that comes to mind is, "Because I can." Seriously, I already had the two platforms plus a 41 mag platform but don't even want to think about the 41 mag in a subcompact. Just expanding the two platforms.

A Glock or XD in .40 would hold a lot more rounds and be much easier to carry. If you own the mid-size and compact you often get to interchange ammo, magazines and sometimes holsters. You maintain the same manual of arms for both guns as well.
I can't find any fault with that logic. However, the more rounds a carry holds, the bigger the grip or handle. This is the part I have trouble concealing.

I went with the Glock in the 23 and 27 and have not regretted that combination that, together with a J frame, pretty much covers everything I need. Other quality makes and models provide the same advantages.
Yep, that should cover most everything. I can see where the compact G23 and the subcompact G27 make a nice pair of carry weapons.

I may be weird, but I like to have the biggest weapon possible in my hand when the BGs want to dance. However, concealed carry, to me, requires some compromises entirely dependent on my chosen attire for the day. Therefore, I want to have the situation covered for whatever clothing my DW may have dressed me with on any given day. This could be anything from shorts and T shirt to ankle length duster. I want to be able to look at whatever I'm wearing, then chose the biggest dance floor leveler that will fit under it without printing.

I went with the Sig 1911 Revolution C3 compact. It was just so pretty that I couldn't resist. Pics are posted under the thread titled "New Men's Jewelry Pics" in this carry weapons section.

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