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I definitely understand bills getting paid. And it’s your choice obviously. a choice I’ll support.

However, FWIW and anyone watching, there’s the Surface Transportation Assistance Act. (STAA) 49 U.S.C. §31105....

(a) Prohibitions.

(1) A person may not discharge an employee, or discipline or discriminate against an employee regarding pay, terms, or privileges of employment, because -
(B) the employee refuses to operate a vehicle because -

(i) the operation violates a regulation, standard, or order of the United States related to commercial motor vehicle safety, health, or security; or
(ii) the employee has a reasonable apprehension of serious injury to the employee or the public because of the vehicle's hazardous safety or security condition;

Now I’m far from a legal expert. But, IMHO I interpret that to mean a driver can refuse to go into these areas where anarchy, looting and violence has become rule of law and truckers are being yanked from their ride. And the company has an obligation to accept that refusal, find ya another load and be damn quick about it. (y) :LOL:

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